Distributed by CAE Healthcare

Discover the power of Pyure Dynamic Protection®

Distributed by CAE Healthcare, Pyure Dynamic Protection® was inspired by the natural purification properties of sunlight. It uses ultraviolet (UV) light safely within an enclosed chamber to create pathogen-destroying hydroxyls – naturally occurring molecules that are generated whenever UV rays react with water vapor in the atmosphere. These hydroxyls then produce organic oxidants that disperse outside the device and destroy volatile organic compounds (VOC). That process results in more organic oxidants, creating a chain reaction.

Medical-Grade Purification ¹

Proof of protection within minutes

COVID, Influenza, Common Cold

Airborne Pathogens

COVID, Influenza, Common Cold

99% Reduction in

20 minutes

Undetectable after

80 minutes

Influenza, Norovirus, E. Coli

Surface Pathogens

Influenza, Norovirus, E. Coli

90% Reduction in

1 hour

99.99% Reduction in

6 hours

Window Frames, Pillows, Doors

Airborne Black Mold

Window Frames, Pillows, Doors

99.9% Reduction in

30 minutes

Undetectable after

90 minutes

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Purify and sanitize safely and efficiently

Pyure Dynamic Protection® has been proven safe for people, pets, plants and materials and is up to 99 percent effective at eliminating odors, killing viruses, destroying bacteria and eradicating mold. The purifier creates the same number of hydroxyls and organic oxidants as the natural concentrations found outdoors.

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CAE and Pyure Dynamic Protection®

Safety drives everything we do. When CAE was searching for ways to protect our employees and customers during the pandemic, we discovered Pyure Dynamic Protection® and quickly recognized that safety was part of their DNA, too. It all began with an inventor trying to protect an immunocompromised wife battling cancer. That personal mission became a company, and for 15 years, Pyure Dynamic Protection® has been advancing commercial air and surface purification. CAE is proud to collaborate with The Pyure Company to distribute their purifiers in healthcare and civil aviation.




Hospital-acquired infections present an ongoing challenge and can negatively impact reimbursement, patient confidence, and employee safety. Pyure Dynamic Protection® is ideally suited for healthcare delivery environments and has demonstrated a dramatic reduction in pathogen levels. - Hospitals - Clinics - Primary Care facilities - Medical offices

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Flight crews and passengers spend extended time in confined spaces, where pathogens may lead to infections. Pyure Dynamic Protection® starts working in minutes and minimizes risk and downtime. Airport Terminals - Passengers Lounges & Retail Concourse - Airlines Offices & High-Traffic areas

Purification results for all space sizes

Pyure Dynamic Protection® solutions are fully scalable and available in options appropriate for a room, a residence or a complete commercial structure. Portable units are ideal for smaller spaces or temporary needs while custom solutions are HVAC-integrated systems that address much larger areas.

Portable Units ²


100 ft² - 500 ft² (9.3 m² - 47 m² )

These petite purifiers, ideally suited for smaller spaces, do not require calibration, programming or installation. Just plug the device in and turn it on.

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Wall-Mounted Units


6500 ft² (604 m²)

This permanently mounted air purification solution is the best option when HVAC ducts or air-handling units are not accessible. Discretely mounted and wired to a power source, this unit can treat up to 6,500 square feet.

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In-Duct Units


300 ft² - 3000 ft² (28 m² - 280 m² )

This purifier solution is ideally suited to sanitize coils, filters and multiple rooms. Just insert it into a duct and discover the Pyure Dynamic Protection® difference as the system introduces organic oxidants into the air passing through the duct.

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Custom Solutions

HVAC integrated systems for large areas.

This is the ideal option for larger commercial areas or entire buildings. Our team will work with you to design a Pyure Dynamic Protection® solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing or proposed HVAC and air-handling system.

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1 Results reflect tests using the MDU/Rx™ portable air purifier, which is an FDA-registered Class II medical device. All Pyure Dynamic Protection® products use the same hydroxyl- and organic oxidant-generating technology that is built into the MDU/Rx.
2 Portable devices not available in California.
3 MySpace is not available in Canada.
4 For optimal performance, these units should be operated in spaces that offer some air exchange, such as an open window, an open door to another room, a vent or forced air heating/cooling. Customer is fully responsible for ensuring the unit is placed in an area that is the same size as the area for which the unit was designed. Customer should not place the unit in a space that is smaller than the one specified for their unit.